From a very young age children can be taught the fundamentals of Keyboarding

Year O-1

Thumbs only on the space bar

Hold the mouse correctly

SIngle click and Double click mouse

Keep mouse on mat

Click on items

Click and drag items

Can recognise some letters on Keyboard

Can use the 'Magic Line'

Delicious link
Delicious mouse practice

Year 2

Can recognise all letters on keyboard

Can use Shift key

Can use basic punctuation .,?!

Can use numbers on numerical pad

Can type sentence

recognises the Home Keys asdf jkl;

Year 3

Can type sentences

Can type the Home Keys correctly

Knows the difference between Shift and Caps lock

starting to type some basic words with correct fingering

Year 4

Can use both Delete/Backspaces keys correctly

Can type some basic words with correct fingering (including own name)

Can find and use some symbols correctly ($%&+-)

Starting to use some Keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl or Command C, V,P)

Year 5

Can type several words with correct fingering

Knows most of the Keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl or Command Z,X,C,V,B,N,A,S,D,F,K,Q,W,I,U,P,)

Year 6

Typing lots of words correctly

Starting to look at screen when typing

Typing most letters correctly

Year 7-8

Mostly looking at screen when typing

Rarely looking at keyboard

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Plain Mac keyboard Plain Mac Keyboard.doc

Lower case Mac Keyboard lower case apple keyboard.doc

Coloured Mac Keyboard Mac colour keyboard.doc

Keyboarding Websites

Dance Mat Typing

Start at level one and work your way up to Level four


Keyboard Climber

See how high you can go. Make sure that you are using the correct fingers


Keyboarding Games for kids

A great variety of keyboarding games for all levels


Download the file external image msword.png Digital Capabilities Matrix.doc

Identify where your students are at 6 weeks into the first term, record results in 'Digital Capabilities Matrix Class Results' and graph. Repeat at end of each term for reporting back to Parents and for comparison of results over the year.